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This practical forex trading course will teach you how to trade forex with profits using a variety of strategies and indicators. More than 600 graduates since 2007. Click here for latest course dates!
Secrets of Food Millionaires: How you can churn millions in Asia's F&B industry By Phua Wen Yi Secrets of Food Millionaires takes away some of the mystery behind the scenes in the F&B industry. Within this book lie many secrets for you to uncover, to help you forge your way toward becoming a food millionaire. More Info
Handbook On Forex Trading : An Easy Guide To Profitable Currency Trading By Nicholas Tan Filled with real charts and proven trading techniques, this practical guide will show investors how to trade profitably and enjoy the great rewards in the forex market. Learn how you can profit from the hottest market place! More Info
Secrets of Winning Forex Strategies By Nicholas Tan (New 2013) This book is written for new currency traders to help them to identify trends and patterns and turn them into trading opportunities and profits. Written in a straightforward manner, it shows you the opportunities that exist in an uptrend, downtrend and a sideway market and how you can trade with the trend. It shows you how to use simple trend lines, support and resistance lines, Fibonacci ratios, candlesticks patterns, and technical indicators such as moving averages, MACD and RSI as part of the trading plan. With many charts and illustrations in the book, it makes forex trading simple for new traders. Formerly published as Forex Trends and Profitable Patterns.   More Info
Towkay Ho Seh Boh? How To Become A Successful Towkay By Ah Chuan "TOWKAY HO SEH BOH?" is the first straight- talking book of business lessons written in English with a good dose of Singlish, Hokkien and Chinese. Die Die Must Read One Hor! So Singaporean Leh! Now available as an Ebook! More Info
Handbook For Stock Investors By Goh Kheng Chuan The National Bestseller for Stock Investing has a 2013 edition! Handbook For Stock Investors is an indispensable handbook that provides both novice and seasoned investors with essential knowledge and strategies required for stock investment. The Best Stock Market Guide For New Investors in Singapore! More Info
Heart Sell: Cultivating Authentic Sales That Last By Angela Oh If you want to excel in sales, learn from our very own Singapore sales guru, Angela Oh. Learn how to master the skills of becoming a great sales person. More Info
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Amazing Mahjong  By Ceila Ching  This book is written for new mahjong players. Mahjong is an intriguing and enjoyable game to play. The book is specially written for English-speaking individuals who wish to have a comprehensive understanding on how to play mahjong. It comes with full color illustrations so it takes you step by step on how play the game of mahjong. More Info
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Success In the Training Business By Vincent Gabriel Do you want to Train And Grow Rich? Start a training business today! Learn how to start a profitable training business and become a successful trainer. More Info
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Handbook on CFDs Trading By Nicholas Tan This book is written for Singapore traders and investors who want to take advantage of CFDs in their trading. It shows you how CFDs are traded and the strategies you can use for both bullish and bearish market conditions.  More Info This is the first book on CFDs trading in Singapore for Singapore investors!
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Never knew that mortgage could make you millions? How can you finance your dream property purchase? How do you arrange your finances around your property purchase? Everyone who owns a house has a mortgage to pay, but do you know that if you understand how mortgage works or loan financing better, you have a vehicle that can drive you to the path of greater wealth. The Rich Gets Richer through borrowings and mortgages, learn the secrets of mortgages and learn the financial skills of the Rich.
Who Should Buy: - Property Investors - Home owners - Real Estate Agents - Insurance Advisers - Anyone who wants to get richer with less!  “Mortgage And Grow Rich" by Alfred Chia is finally here to give you all the answers you are looking for to help you richer! 
Learn how to pick the right mortgage loan to finance the property purchase, how to plan your money wisely and how to ensure that your property can be protected in times of unexpected contingencies.
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Do you know that you could be selling your house below what it is worth? Do you know the real value of your property? Do you want to spot under- valued properties and buy them at a bargain? If you do, “Property Valuation” will give you the knowledge to value your property objectively.
This is the FIRST BOOK that will teach Singaporeans how to really value their property! With this book, you can be as good as the banker and the real estate agent. The knowledge inside will let you decide what is the best price to buy or sell any property. No more over paying at a high price!  More info here.
Really Doc?!: Medical Myths, Facts and Tips By Dr Bina Kurup  “Is heatiness the cause of my frequent sore throats, ulcers or ‘bak-chiam’ (styes)?” or “Can being caught in the rain really cause headaches, joint pains or the cold?” All this, and much more, will be covered in this handy health book, packed with useful facts that will help debunk common fallacies and misconceptions about your health! In addition, each chapter ends with practical self-care tips and advice on when and why you may need to see a doctor in each of the situations. More Info.
The hard truth of trading is that 90% of traders lose money! But, yet there is a small group of traders who succeed in trading and become proftable traders? How do they do it? Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders: Lessons from Singapore’s Trading Gurus will give you the answers you are looking for. Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders: Lessons from Singapore Trading Gurus  reveals the true realities of trading by taking you up close and personal to five highly successful traders in Singapore — Binni Ong, Collin Seow, Nicholas Tan, Keane Lee and Jason Yee. These five trading gurus will share with you practical insights and knowledge accumulated during their trading career to let you better understand what trading really entails.  View sample pages here!  
Printed in Full-Color! 208 Pages of trading wisdom! Now At All Major Bookstores in Singapore! The book is Ranked No.1 in the Sunday Times Bestseller List on 29th Jan 2012 and on the bestseller list for 20 weeks!
No.1 Straits Times Bestseller
Finally, a Guide that Shows You Exactly how to craft your humorous speech and win at speech contests!
Are you fearful of delivering a humorous speech? Do you think you cannot write funny? STOP Worrying! This book will unclog your brain and unleash the funny juice inside and let your funny ideas and words flow like water! Best-selling author, KC Goh will show you how to write a winning humorous speech. Well-known for his entertaining presentations and as a  regular winner of speech contests, he now shows you how to write and make your audience laugh. This is a must-read for toastmasters, CEOs and any speakers who want to add humor to their speeches! Published by Rank Books. More Info at: www.humorousspeaking.com
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Success in the Food Business  by Vincent Gabriel is everyone’s guide to setting up and operating a profitable food venture. Written in an easy-to- read manner, he shares with you practical ideas gleaned from his 30 years’ experience as a food and management consultant.
Handbook for Expatriates: Working and Living in Singapore Author: Goh Kheng Chuan 2012 Edition This book is written for new expatriates as well as those who are considering working in Singapore. Packed with essential information and more than 60 full color pictures of Singapore, This comprehensive guide will help you to settle down quickly and adjust to this modern and multi-cultural city.
NEW Edition NEW Edition Forex Trading Course by Nicholas Tan Singapore
Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders: Lessons from Singapore’s Trading Gurus                                         
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Lynn’s Money Adventures By Kelvin Ho Ever wished you had more money? Do you have to save for the latest gadget that you wanted, manage your allowance or learn how to make smart money decisions? Join Lynn and her sisters in Lynn’s Money Adventures as they explore the issues of money and learn how to manage their money better. With tips and hands-on activities, you will pick up the most effective ways to make, save and spend your own money- very important skills that you will need for the rest of your lives. In this book, you will also find out: • What’s the difference between needs and wants? • Are you suffering from a ‘common money disease’? • What’s your money attitude? • How you can allocate your allowance wisely? • How to grow your own money machines that will continue to churn out money month after month? Never make another silly money decision because you will be getting all the common-“cents” you need to use and manage your money in this book while have fun doing it.
Cook With Love By Doris Lau (As featured in the Sunday Times) Cook with love is a collection of 38 local dishes by housewife Doris Lau that is relatively inexpensive and fun to cook. The author believes that if you add the extra ingredient of “love”, the dish will taste much better. This explains why Doris has decided to name this cookbook, Cook with love.
Profit from Mobile Social Media By Laura Maya By 2016, Mobile Social Media will be worth above $150 billion.  Social Media + Mobile Marketing Creates Market Opportunities. Cloud computing technology, mobile devices and social networking will merge to become an even more powerful force that will grow into the biggest commercial platform for many years to come. Many corporations have started embracing mobile marketing and social media to help them to connect to customers and increase their business profits. More Info
Handbook on Options Trading By Dave Foo New Edition 2013 Handbook on Options Trading is the best guide to getting started in  trading options. Most traders lose  money in trading, and most people  try to predict where the market is  heading; this is never an easy task.  Why not do the opposite? Do it the  non-directional way and make  money by predicting where the  market is not heading. This book will teach you how  options market works with  illustrations and real trading  examples.   More Info
99 Lessons for Profitable Stock Trading By Wong Yee A profitable stock trader is one who can make money in both bull and bear markets. In the bear market, when no one is buying, he is doing bargain hunting and he gets ready to sell his shares when the market is bullish. In the bullish market, he knows how to ride the bull trend and sell off ahead of others and not to get greedy. This book teaches you practical lessons on stock investing and how not to make the same mistakes that 90% of investors made. I sincerely hope that readers will be enriched and enlightened in one way or another in their pursuit of becoming a profitable stock trader. More Info
Secrets of Dividend Investors By Mark Lin “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” — John Maynard Keynes Don’t rely solely on capital gains when investing in stocks. This puts you at the mercy of the irrationality of the stock market and increases your investment risk. This book teaches you how to select stocks that give you steady but growing dividend income. At the same time, you will learn how to protect your capital and minimize your loss when the stock price falls, by buying the share at a very attractive price (a significant discount to the intrinsic valuation). More info.
Smart Teacher Stupid Teacher  By Shawn Yeo and Shaun Tan Not all teachers are born equal. And yet, we all have something to learn from each one. Smart Teacher Stupid Teacher is the culmination of experiences, lessons and strategies gathered from a total of more than 30 years of studying and coaching from both of us – kudos to our Smart Teachers and Stupid Teachers! We sincerely appreciate all our teachers – Smart or Stupid, as we have reaped lessons from all. So we didn’t really write the book alone. We did it with all our teachers. Learn how to excel in the Game of Exams as we did. Every Student Deserves An ‘A’, But Not Every Student Knows How To Get One HELP YOUR KIDS TO SCORE In Exams, The Is The Book That Every Student Needs From The BEST Study Coaches, Shawn Yeo and Shaun Tan!  More Info
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